Can I Use American Express Gift Card on Amazon – Here is 2 Mins Answer


If you’re a fortunate American Express gift card recipient, you may be eager to indulge in an instant shopping spree. And what better place to splurge than on Amazon?
However, there are a few hurdles, as using your Amex gift card on Amazon may be more complex than you initially thought. This article will provide all the necessary details on using an Amex gift card on Amazon.

Can I use American Express Gift Card on Amazon?

American Express gift card

Indeed, you can use your AMEX gift card on Amazon, along with Visa and MasterCard gift cards. Amazon offers a user-friendly interface that accepts various payment methods, making it convenient for customers to purchase.
Once your gift card has been issued, you can utilize it on Amazon and other retailers worldwide.

How Do American Express Gift Cards Work?

American Express gift cards function similarly to Mastercard and Visa. They can be loaded with amounts ranging from $25 to $3000 and given as gifts or rewards to anyone.
You can purchase American Express gift cards directly from American Express or affiliated stores such as Walmart, Target, and other gift card retailers. These gift cards can be used anywhere that accepts regular or prepaid Amex cards, including online stores.
Depending on the purchase format, the recipient will receive either physical cards in the mail or virtual cards via email. In some cases, certain online stores may require registration and activation of the card before use.

To register your Amex gift card, call the American Express customer service line at 1-877-297-4438. During the registration process, you will need to provide the following details:

  1. 15-digit gift card number
  2. 4-digit Card Identification Code (CIC), located at the top of the card
  3. 3-digit Card Security Code (CSC) on the reverse side of the card
  4. Your residential address

Registering your card allows you to use it seamlessly and provides added security in case of loss or theft. If your card gets lost or stolen, Amex is usually willing to cancel the lost card and issue a replacement.

How to Use American Express Gift Card on Amazon?

If you possess an active Amex gift card, your first destination should be Amazon. With its vast array of services and products, Amazon offers the perfect platform to utilize your gift card.

To use your American Express gift card for Amazon purchases, follow these steps:
Step 1: Log into your Amazon account. Visit Amazon’s website and log in to your account.
Step 2: Access Your Account Settings. Click on the “Account & Lists” drop-down menu and select “Account.”
Step 3: Navigate to Your Payment Options Under “Account,” click on “Your Payments.”
Step 4: Add Your Gift Card. Click on “Add a payment method.”
Step 5: Enter Card Details. Select “Add a credit or debit card” and enter the details of your Amex gift card.
Step 6: Save Your Card Save your card information. Your Amex gift card is now ready to use.

During the checkout process, choose the gift card as your payment method.
It is essential to note that this option applies when purchasing items equal to or less expensive than the gift card’s value. Amazon does not allow multiple payment methods for a single transaction. Therefore, you can only utilize your gift card for purchases on Amazon equal to or lower in value than the gift card itself.

For instance, if you try to purchase an item worth $60 using a $50 gift card, your purchase will not be accepted. You cannot combine the gift card with your debit or credit card to cover the remaining amount.

This limitation poses two potential issues:

  1. You can only use your gift card for items within its value limit.
  2. There is a risk of having a small amount left on your gift card that cannot be used.

While there may be better options, an alternative method allows you to maximize the value of your American Express gift card on Amazon.

How to Add American Express Gift Cards to Amazon?

Every Amazon account has a balance associated with gift cards, which is initially $0 unless you have already purchased and received Amazon gift cards.
To add the value of your Amex gift card to your Amazon gift card balance, follow these steps:

  • Log into your Amazon account.
  • Click on the “Account & Lists” drop-down menu and select “Payment.”
  • Under “Payment,” click on “Your Payments” and add your Amex gift card. Treat it as a credit or debit card, not as a present.
  • Proceed to “Gift Cards” and reload your balance.
  • On the next screen, enter the balance of your American Express gift card.
  • Select your Amex gift card as the payment method.
  • Once you have completed all the steps, your Amex gift card balance will be added to your Amazon credit card balance.
  • You can repeat this process as often as necessary if you possess multiple gift cards.

What Problems Could You Encounter When Transferring Your Amex Gift Card to Amazon?

While attempting to use your Amex gift card to purchase Amazon gift card credit, you may need help with a few things. Here are some potential issues and their solutions:

  • Unregistered Amex gift card: If your Amex gift card has yet to be registered correctly, you won’t be able to add it as a payment method on Amazon. In such cases, you must contact the Amex customer service line (1-800-528-4800) and ensure your card is registered and activated correctly.
  • Address mismatch: If the address you entered does not match the one on file with Amex, you may encounter issues due to Amazon’s anti-fraud measures. During registration, the Amex gift card is linked to your account. If the address is incompatible with the billing account provided by Amazon, the card may be rejected as a payment option. Ensure that the addresses match to avoid any complications.
  • Insufficient balance: If the remaining balance on your Amex gift card is lower than the value of the Amazon credit card you are trying to purchase, the transaction will be declined. For example, the purchase will not go through if you attempt to buy a $30 Amazon gift card with a remaining balance of $29.99 on your Amex gift card. In such cases, make sure the balance covers the entire purchase amount. Once you identify and resolve any issues, you can proceed with your shopping experience.

If you use your Amazon gift card balance during checkout, Amazon will deduct the amount from the gift card before charging any other cards you have added unless specified otherwise.
Feel free to utilize the total amount on your Amex gift card and make purchases exceeding its value. However, any additional balance will be charged to your default Amazon credit card.

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