Do Banks Approve Car Loans on Weekends?

Do Banks Approve Car Loans on Weekends?
Do Banks Approve Car Loans on Weekends?


If you’re looking to purchase a car over the weekend in the US, you might wonder about the feasibility of obtaining a car loan. This article aims to shed light on whether banks approve car loans on weekends and offers valuable insights into the weekend car loan approval process.

Weekend Car Loan Approval: Yes, It’s Possible!

The good news is that most banks do approve car loans on weekends. Recognizing that car buying decisions often occur during weekends when potential buyers have more leisure time to explore options and visit dealerships, banks have adapted to cater to this demand. However, there are crucial considerations to consider before applying for a car loan on a Saturday or Sunday.

  • Bank Operational Hours

It’s crucial to be aware that not all banks operate during weekends. If you intend to apply for a car loan on a Saturday or Sunday, ensure that your selected bank’s branches are open. Some traditional brick-and-mortar banks may remain closed on weekends, so exploring alternative options could be necessary.

  • Approval Timeframe

While some banks operate on weekends, the loan approval process may take time. Certain banks have policies to process loan applications exclusively during regular business hours. Consequently, applying for a car loan over the weekend might result in a delayed response until the subsequent business day, typically Monday.

  • Car Delivery Timing

Even if your loan is approved on the weekend, taking possession of your new car on the same day might not be feasible. Most car dealerships also adhere to standard business hours and may not operate on weekends. Consequently, you may need to wait until Monday to collect your vehicle, even if your loan is ready for approval.

Tips for Getting Approved for a Car Loan on Weekends

Though obtaining a car loan approval on weekends is indeed possible, following these tips can enhance the likelihood of a seamless process:

  • Utilize Online Applications

Opting for online applications can expedite the loan approval process significantly. Many banks now provide 24/7 online services for car loan applications, offering convenience and faster responses to potential borrowers.

  • Get Preapproved in Advance

Consider securing preapproval for a car loan before commencing your vehicle search. Preapproval provides a clear understanding of your borrowing capacity and strengthens your position during negotiations with the dealership.

  • Organize Your Documents

Before applying for a car loan, ensure all necessary paperwork is in order. This typically includes documents such as your driving license,income proof , and proof of residence. Having these documents ready in advance can accelerate the loan approval process.

  • Be Prepared for Credit History Questions

During the loan application process, banks may inquire about your credit history. Being prepared to answer questions regarding your credit score, outstanding debts, and previous loans will help facilitate approval.


Purchasing a car over the weekend presents a convenient and suitable time, particularly if you wish to avoid the weekday crowds. However, if you require financing for your car purchase, it’s essential to recognize that not all banks approve car loans during weekends. Adhering to the tips mentioned above and selecting a suitable bank can increase the likelihood of securing a car loan on the weekend, enabling you to drive away with your dream car sooner rather than later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Getting Car Loans on Weekends in the US

Q1: Do banks approve car loans on weekends? 

A1: Most banks approve car loans on weekends in the US.

Q2: Are all banks open on weekends for car loan applications? 

A2: No, not all banks operate on weekends. It’s essential to check the bank’s operational hours before applying for a car loan.

Q3: Will I receive immediate loan approval on weekends?

 A3: Not necessarily. Some banks process loan applications only during business hours, so you may have to wait until the next business day for a response.

Q4: Can I deliver the car on the same day if the loan is approved on the weekend? 

A4: It depends on the dealership’s operating hours. Most dealerships are closed on weekends so car delivery may happen on the next business day.

Q5: How can I increase my chances of getting approved for a car loan on weekends? 

A5: Utilize online applications, get preapproved in advance, have all necessary documents ready, and be prepared to answer credit history questions.

Q6: Is it advisable to get preapproved before shopping for a car? 

A6: Getting preapproved clearly shows your borrowing capacity and strengthens your position during negotiations with dealerships.

Q7: How can online applications expedite the loan approval process?

 A7: Many banks offer 24/7 online services for car loan applications, making it convenient and faster for potential borrowers.

Q8: Should I consider alternative options if my chosen bank is closed on weekends? 

A8: If your bank is closed on weekends, explore other banks or online lenders offering weekend car loan services.

Q9: What documents should I have ready for a car loan application? 

A9: Prepare documents such as your driver’s license, income proof, and proof of residence to speed up the loan approval process.

Q10: Can I still buy a car over the weekend without car loan approval? 

A10: You can still purchase a car, but you may need to arrange financing in advance or wait until the next business day for loan approval.


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