Understanding Amazon Marketplace Charge on Credit Card: A Comprehensive Guide

Amazon Marketplace


Welcome to the digital age, where online stores like Amazon have revolutionised our shopping habits. Unsurprisingly, Amazon has evolved into the preferred shopping destination for millions of customers worldwide, given our incredible variety of products. Despite the convenience of online shopping, it’s essential to comprehend the various charges that might show up on your credit card statement. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of Amazon Marketplace charges on credit cards, giving you factual information to improve your comprehension and control over online purchases.

What is Amazon Marketplace?

Amazon Marketplace

On the e-commerce platform known as Amazon Marketplace, independent vendors can list and sell their goods alongside Amazon’s stock. While advertising their products on Amazon’s website, these sellers run independent businesses. The Amazon Marketplace handles the transaction processing when you buy something from a third-party seller.

What are the Charges on the Amazon Marketplace come in various forms?

  1. Product Fees: Product fees are the main costs associated with the Amazon Marketplace. These include the item’s cost, applicable sales taxes, and shipping costs (if free shipping is unavailable). These charges are typically made clear during checkout so you can review them.
  2. Referral Fees: Amazon charges third-party sellers nominal referral fees for each item sold on their platform to fund the marketplace’s operation. Depending on the product category, this fee is a percentage of the item’s sale price. The typical referral fee ranges from 6% to 45% of the item’s selling price.
  3. Fulfilment Charges: If you buy items that Amazon fulfils, you might have to pay additional fulfilment charges. These fees pay for the costs of packaging, shipping, and storing the items. The item’s size, weight, and category are a few variables that affect the fulfilment fee amount.

When does Amazon Marketplace charge you?

Amazon does not immediately charge your credit or debit card when transacting with one. Instead, Amazon charges you at the beginning of the delivery procedure. It’s known as authorisation. After the item has been dispatched, the authorisation hold is often withdrawn within a few days. Depending on the seller, third-party sellers on the Amazon Marketplace may charge you at the time of purchase or when the item is prepared for shipping.On Amazon, you may be charged for the following items:

Orders: You will be charged for the items in your order when you place one on Amazon.

Amazon Prime is a subscription service that provides free two-day shipping on qualified products and additional perks. Amazon Prime will cost you a monthly or yearly fee.

Pre-orders: If you pre-order it on Amazon, you will be charged for the item when launched.

Amazon accepts the majority of popular credit and debit cards. You will be charged for the items you order when you place your order.

How Amazon Marketplace Charges Appear on Credit Card Statements?

When using your credit card to make an Amazon Marketplace purchase, the charges will appear on your credit card statement. The seller’s name, the item purchased, and the price are typically included in the description. The charges may be shown as separate transactions or combined into a single total, depending on how many items and sellers were involved in your purchase.

How Does Amazon Market Place Charge your credit card?


Amazon charges credit cards upon shipment of the item. This includes Amazon credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, and JCB. For Amazon-sold items, you will be charged when the shipping process commences. For items sold by third-party vendors on Amazon Marketplace, the seller may charge your credit card when the order is placed or the item ships.

Here are some additional details:

  • Amazon will only bill your credit card for items sold directly by Amazon once the item is shipped. This is done to ensure that you only pay for items you receive.
  • For items sold by third-party vendors on Amazon Marketplace, the seller may charge your credit card when the order is placed or the item ships. This is up to the merchant individually.
  • If you pay for an item with an Amazon gift card, you will not be charged any additional fees. The gift card will be redeemed upon shipment of the item.

Tracking Amazon Marketplace Charges Credit Card Charges

It’s advised to keep a record of your purchases to track and manage your Amazon Marketplace charges efficiently. You can access detailed order summaries and invoices from Amazon through your account. You can spot discrepancies and ensure accurate billing by reviewing these documents.

Returns and Refunds

The refund procedure can differ depending on the seller if you need to return an item you bought from the Amazon Marketplace. Your credit card statement will show the refund the seller issues once the item is returned. It’s crucial to remember that the refund timeframe may change depending on the seller’s policies. In case of any minor problem or discrepancy, I always prefer to contact Amazon customer service or email them.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, managing your online purchases effectively requires a thorough understanding of the fees associated with the Amazon Marketplace. You can ensure accurate billing by becoming familiar with the various charge types, keeping track of your transactions, and reviewing your credit card statements since Amazon is a large e-commerce business that processes millions of transactions daily. Your debit card is not charged when you purchase directly from Amazon, such as with Amazon Basics or Amazon Fresh. However, if you are a member of Amazon Prime, you will be charged a monthly or annual fee on the specified date. When you purchase from a third-party merchant on Amazon, your credit card may be charged immediately. This is because marketplace sellers can choose when to charge their customers, and some may choose to charge promptly to ensure the order is fulfilled. Remember that you should always ask Amazon customer service or the relevant seller for clarification if you have any questions or concerns about a particular charge. Enjoy your shopping!


The knowledge described in this blog post is based on currently available information and is subject to change. It is always advised to refer to the official Amazon website or contact customer support for the most recent and accurate information regarding marketplace fees.



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