Introducing Westfield Gift Cards: A Convenient Way to Shop  

Introducing Westfield Gift Cards: A Convenient Way to Shop  

Introduction about Westfield Gift Cards

If you want a convenient and versatile gift option, Westfield Gift Cards are worth considering. These prepaid cards can be used at Westfield centres and online, providing a wide range of shopping opportunities. There are two types available: 

1. Physical cards and 

2. Digital cards.

Physical cards are made of plastic and can be purchased in person at Westfield centres or online. They make for thoughtful and tangible gifts to be given to loved ones on special occasions. On the other hand, digital cards are sent electronically to your email address, offering the advantage of instant delivery. Regarding using Westfield Gift Cards, they are accepted at participating Westfield centres and for online purchases. However, it’s important to note that they cannot be used at ATMs or for purchasing lottery tickets. If you’re interested in buying a Westfield GiftYou can purchase cards at a Westfield centre, through the official website, or from select retailers like Coles and Woolworths. While many online retailers accept Westfield Gift Cards, checking the list of participating retailers on the Westfield Gift Card website is advisable.

Introducing Westfield Gift Cards: A Convenient Way to Shop  

How to Redeem Westfield Gift Card?

Redeeming a Westfield Gift Card is straightforward. For physical cards, simply present the card at the checkout when purchasing. You’ll need to enter the gift card code during the online checkout process for digital cards. Westfield Gift Cards offer great flexibility, allowing you to buy various goods and services. Whether you need clothing, electronics, food, or entertainment, these gift cards have you covered.

It’s important to remember that Westfield Gift Cards cannot be used to withdraw cash. They are strictly intended for purchasing goods and services online at Westfield centres. As for the expiration date, Westfield Gift Cards remain valid for five years. Even if the card expires, any remaining balance can still be used for future purchases.

How much is the extra fees on Westfield Gift Card?

Regarding fees, there is no charge for purchasing a Westfield Gift Card. However, a small fee will apply if you lose your card and require a replacement.

How to check Westfield Gift Card balance?

To check your Westfield Gift Card balance, you have multiple options. You can conveniently check it online, contact the customer service line, or use the Westfield app, which can be downloaded for free. The Westfield app allows you to check your balance and provides features like tracking your spending and discovering participating retailers.

More about Westfield Physical Gift Cards and Westfield

Now let’s take a closer look at the two types of Westfield Gift Cards:

Westfield Physical Gift Cards

These physical gift cards are an ideal choice to surprise someone with a present. You can have them delivered to your chosen address via post, making it a convenient and thoughtful option. The delivery fee for physical cards is just $2.95, and the cards are available for delivery across Australia. Once ordered, the Westfield Gift Card will arrive within ten business days, ensuring timely delivery. With this card in hand, the recipient can enjoy shopping at a wide range of participating stores in Australia, whether they are located within or outside Westfield centres.

Westfield Digital Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards offer a fantastic gifting solution for those who love to shop. They provide a broad range of options at Westfield stores, including fashion, homewares, and beauty products. The greatest advantage of a Westfield Digital Gift Card is its convenience. You can easily send the gift card via email or print it out for a personal touch. There’s no need to worry about shipping or delivery; the recipient can start using the gift card immediately.

Furthermore, digital gift cards often come with discounts, allowing you to stretch your budget and get more value for your purchase. Westfield Digital Gift Cards are stored in your phone’s digital wallet, making them easily accessible. You can use them at any store that accepts Apple Pay or Google Pay, allowing you to shop wherever you like.

It’s important to consider some limitations regarding digital gift cards:

  1. They cannot be exchanged for cash.
  2. There are certain transactions they cannot be used for, such as bill payments, financial products or foreign currency purchases, and gambling-related transactions.
  3. You cannot add more money to a digital gift card once purchased, and refunds are impossible once the card has been bought.
  4. If you have multiple digital gift cards with different balances, you cannot combine those balances into a single card.

Important Points to Remember about Westfield Gift Cards

These are important points to consider when considering digital gift cards and their limitations. To ensure a smooth shopping experience, Westfield Gift Cards have an expiry date of three years from the date of issuance. You can find the expiration date on the back of physical cards or in the Westfield app for digital cards. After the expiry date, any remaining unused value on the card will become the property of Westfield unless otherwise specified. It’s important to note that you will not be allowed a refund for any unused value. When placing an order for a Westfield Gift

The card represents a separate agreement. This agreement includes the terms and conditions stated in the order, and the applicable Gift Card Use Terms and Conditions or Digital Gift Card Terms and Conditions. In case of any conflict between these terms and conditions, the obtained Gift Card Use Terms and Conditions or Digital Gift Card Terms and Conditions (whichever is relevant to your Gift Card) will precede the general terms and conditions.

To place an order, follow the instructions on the Westfield website. Your order will be submitted once you provide payment details and activate the “Pay Now button. An order confirmation will be sent to your designated email address, confirming that your order has been received and accepted.

Physical gift cards purchased online will be delivered in a dormant state. A security confirmation is required using a unique code to enable the card. The unique code will be sent to the recipient’s email address and/or mobile number provided by you at the time of dispatch. For more information on completing the security confirmation, refer to Westfield’s FAQs on the official website.

For digital gift cards purchased online they will be delivered to you via email directly to the recipient. Add the digital gift card to the Apple or Google wallet must be provisioned through the Westfield app. You must provide the recipient’s email address and select a delivery date when ordering. The recipient must agree to the Westfield

Membership Terms and Conditions include the Terms and Conditions for Westfield Digital Gift Cards to redeem the digital gift card. For more information on providing a Westfield Digital Gift Card, refer to the FAQs.

Order limits and changes are in place to ensure smooth processing. You can order up to 20 physical or digital gift cards in one order, with a total value not exceeding $4,000 (excluding service fees). Each gift card can have at least the lowest value of $10 and a maximum value of $200 loaded onto it. It’s important to note that Westfield reserves the right to adjust the minimum and maximum amounts for loading gift cards at their discretion. You can visit the Westfield Corporate Gift Card site for larger orders or amounts exceeding the limits.

How to cancel Westfield Gift Card Order?

If you need to cancel an order, immediately notify the Customer Support team by emailing and providing the order number. Please note that an order cannot be cancelled once it has been processed. If possible, processing cancellation requests can be initiated, and refunds provided.

How to activate Westfield Digital Gift Card?

To activate your Westfield Digital Gift Card, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the Westfield app from the Google/Apple App Store or Google Play and create a Westfield membership account by following the instructions.

Step 2: After signing up, check your email inbox for the activation link, and click on it to activate your digital gift card.

Step 3: Add the card to your digital wallet, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, to make it easily accessible and usable at any store accepting these payment methods.

Following these steps, you can activate your digital gift card and use it for purchases. Westfield Gift Cards provide a convenient and flexible way to shop, whether for a physical or digital card. They make great gifts and offer many options for recipients to enjoy their shopping experience. With easy ways to check your balance and track you’re spending, managing your Westfield Gift Card is a breeze.


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